Coolest New Gadgets

You don’t have to be a geek to covet a new gadget this holiday season, but being part of the smart-ass tech club can’t hurt. Again this year, technology is at the top of gift lists – and you can see why with stores bursting with fancy gadgets. Here is a practical guide to the cream of the cream.

  1. Apple iPad mini with Retina display

If the tablet is the most requested gadget this year, then the new Little Apple, the iPad mini is the ultimate gift. Introduced for the first time last year, the upgraded version inherited the high-resolution screen (” retina ” in Apple jargon) from its Big Brother, the iPad Air. He also inherited a higher base price: $ 419. Fortunately, the first generation of mini is still available for $ 299, if the old screen and a somewhat inferior performance do not bother you. Google’s Nexus 7, even more affordable from $ 239, is available for those who prefer the Android and are looking for something sustainable.

  1. Jawbone Jambox

Smartphones and tablets can store and play all the songs in the world, but when you want to share the experience – or party – your cheap headphones won’t be enough. Wireless Bluetooth speakers quickly become common with increasing sound quality and decreasing prices. The Jawbone Jambox, for $ 150, is everyone’s grandfather, with enough power to fill a room. The installation is child’s play, and if the original doesn’t suit you, try the $ 180 Mini Jambox or the $300 Big Jambox.

  1. Google Chromecast

Is your TV pretty stupid? This will give him the plume. Until now, to watch Netflix, YouTube or other internet streaming service on your TV, you had to buy a so-called Smart TV. The latter could be expensive, difficult to install and not always compatible with other devices. Now Google introduces you to Chromecast, a $ 35 HDMI key that connects to your TV and can read all your favorite movies and shows over the Internet. And it’s not over : Google and its partners are working to improve software to allow access to more online services.

  1. Pebble Smartwatch

We hear a lot about the devices that we can wear like smart watches and glasses, but only Pebble offers something that everyone can afford. The $ 150 smartwatch synchronizes with your iPhone or Android device and lets you see who’s calling, e-mailing or tweeting while the phone stays in your pocket. With hundreds of new apps – like the one that records your training, controls your music and tells you about your favorite team – and a battery that lasts a week, it’s just a bite to eat from the competition. In addition, it was invented in Canada.

  1. Sony Playstation 4

Game consoles are back in style thanks to the next generation from Sony and Microsoft. The Playstation 4, a week ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One, should be easier to find on the shelves during the holiday season. Although the purchase of a game console is rather subjective, Sony’S PS4 is the perfect gift with a lower base price – $ 399 compared to $ 499 for the Xbox One – superior graphic quality and more sophisticated levers.

  1. The thermostat Is

Although a thermostat may seem like a weird gift to offer, the $ 249 Nest thermostat is not just a thermostat. It was designed by the engineer behind the iPod, so it’s easy to install, even for technophobes among us. Can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet, its best asset is its ability to learn from your habits in order to help you save energy without taking you out of comfort. The device can also control humidifiers and updates available automatically on the Internet make it even more effective.