Current Games out from GameFly

Ninja Gaiden Black - Xbox
Indigo Prophecy - Xbox

put it in your mouth

VegPortland featured our kitchen in March.

FBBC, Pt. 2

3 words: HotLips Blueberry Soda

8 bits wide

Our myspace has 28-1 friends. heh.

webcam, biatch

the webcam broke.


Yes, even we've succumbed to the shambling horror of MySpace. Between the OC and this recent acquisition, Rupert Murdoch's plan for indie rock gets more and more Bond Villain-esque.
Anyway, add us if you haven't been driven to gouge out your eyes by some 14 year old girl's animated background image.

CS Sundays

Special rates for competitive (CAL, CEVO, and an emphasis on prospective NEL) CS players. Check this post for more info.

Bring in a New Member

and you both get a free day pass. Think about it.



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Backspace is the entertainment mecca of Portland, Oregon. Visit & discover a techno-playground; a modern arcade for the modern gamer featuring top of the line networked systems on a fat internet pipe. In our 4000 sq ft. space, you will find a cafe–gallery featuring up & coming local artists, lowered ceilings, and brick walls. To keep the fire burning hot, we offer Stumptown Coffee freedom-pressed to fuel your soul, and Hot Lips Pizza to fuel your body.

Did we mention we're the after-hours spot downtown? We're up late every night, just like you are.

Mon-Fri 7am-2am,
Sat-Sun 10am-2am

Come see us, or give us a call at 503.248.2900.

We have free wireless internet access, yet another Personal Telco access point.

Post comments and get the latest news in the Backspace Forums or find us on IRC at #backspace (


Bring in a New Member07 March 2005 09:10

and you both get a free day pass. Think about it.